About project

The general aim of the project is to raise awareness about all kinds of Intellectual Property (IP) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and to familiarise citizens with all related topics. The aim of the project is to inform the public in the two mentioned states about the dangers of counterfeiting and piracy and the impact of intellectual property on our everyday lives.

The first specific objective of the project is to inform young people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia about IP-related issues. 

This priority target group will be involved in the project through 10 seminars in 4 Czech cities and 2 Slovak cities as well as through online e-learning modules and a thematic publication.  It is expected that more than 200 young people will take part in the seminars.

An additional specific objective is to provide information to the Czech and Slovak publics, which will be engaged via the project website including an e-learning system as well as through the newly developed publication and a conference. This conference will be streamed to any member of the public with Internet access. This target group, like the one described above, will be eligible to receive a certificate equivalent to 3 ECTC credits. This certificate will be valid at all universities in the EU.

The expected result is the education of students, other young people and the general public about intellectual property rights and related issues, specifically by improving their understanding of IP-related issues using more creative and positive methods to deliver information and by highlighting the benefits of intellectual property in terms of innovation, creativity, growth and employment. The goal is to support the development of increased sensitivity to intellectual property rights so that their benefits are recognised at national, regional and local levels.


E-mail: pv@mup.cz

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